Mr. Jasmeet Singh Marwah is the Managing Director of the Marwah Group. He is an entrepreneur and a commerce post-graduate from the University of Delhi, with strong administrative and marketing skills. His excellent leadership, interpersonal skills and dynamism have seen him achieve remarkable success across various verticals. He entered the sweepstakes business after his schooling in 1991 and excelled in this field. He then ventured into the business of hotels and restaurants, but with a focus on real estate development by constructing commercial projects and leasing them to multinationals like C.B. Richard Ellis, Hitachi, Canon India, Bharti Airtel, etc. to name a few.

Under his leadership, the Marwah Group has successfully diversified and established its presence in Investments, Exports and Imports, Entertainment, Education and now Foods and Beverages. The latest venture of the Marwah Group is Kaama Impex Pvt. Ltd., a company that is certain to brew success.


Mr. Amit Anand, a graduate from the University of Delhi with a background in finance, is a self-motivated entrepreneur and has more than 30 years of experience with the Automobile industry, having built a great reputation in the exports of automobile components. He also excells in the Hospitality business and owns the renowned Neo Majestic hotel and Pride casino in Goa, India, along with a casino in Nepal as well. Mr. Anand is an effective leader with tremendous administrative and marketing skills. He is pivotal to the growth of Kaama Impex.